Check out some of the God powers coming to Gods Unchained

From balancing to God Powers

The Gods Unchained devs, Fuel Games, has proven to be pretty attentive to its blockchain esports title. We can see some of this in the teams continued observation and drive to ensure the balance of various cards that players may use.

In the past, we’ve seen the team pull some cards out of circulation in order to make sure they function effectively. This week – we see some more ‘artistic’ redesigns for the game’s various ‘God Power’ cards.

According to the team, while the power of these cards was reduced during the beta. This is the highest number of active God Power cards to be available in the game. For users that have a more thorough understanding of game mechanics. These cards offer players another layer of strategy.

Check out some of the designs right here.

Be sure to check out the other designs from the Gods Unchained page.

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