Blockchain Cuties reveals Decentraland giveaway

Cuties are bringing out the Architects

With Blockchain Cuties being one of the titles newly acquainted with Decentraland.

The team wants to raise awareness and get users excited about the partnership with its new giveaway.

In total, the Cuties team is giving away 10 complete sets of the Decentraland ‘Architect’ costumes, along with 20 individual items that players can win.

Joining this giveaway, users can win some of the following:

  • a full set
  • a hat
  • a uniform
  • a weapon (plan)
  • an accessory (presentation screen)

Running over the next week, 30 winners will be chosen by the 28th June. All users need to do in order to participate is click on the following link, have an existing Cuties account, follow the team on Twitter and provide your ETH address.

For more information, check out the website.

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