Loom Introduces the Loom Wallet

Since introducing staking – Loom has seen the community stake more than 215 million LOOM

Along with supporting hundreds of new ERC20 tokens and introducing staking to the ecosystem. Loom has introduced the community to its new dedicated Loom Wallet, which will be integrated into the already existing staking dashboard.

Loom first introduced the community to staking thanks to its DPoS standard back in April

Since the introduction of staking as an element of the ecosystem, the community and its range of validators have been responsible for the staking of hundreds of millions of tokens.

The inclusion of a digital wallet will provide staking members of the community greater flexibility in depositing or withdrawing tokens.

Along with being placed within the staking dashboard, the Loom team highlights that users will be able to do the following with the wallet:

  • View your PlasmaChain assets and tokens (like LOOM, ETH, etc.)
  • Send and receive tokens easily to other users on PlasmaChain
  • Sign in with MetaMask
  • Deposit and withdraw tokens to and from Ethereum
  • Deposit and withdraw to and from other major chains (coming soon)
  • View your game assets (i.e. non-fungible tokens, a.k.a. NFTs), and transfer them to other accounts

For more information about the wallet, visit the Loom page right here.

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