F1 Delta Time to go live in early 2020

The game will (hopefully) launch in Q1 2020

The F1 Delta Time team has since seen its NFT auctions perform swimmingly well. With its already sold racers managing to raise over $170,000 with more to come. While this is good news in itself, there has yet to be any concrete roadmap in place for the game in question.

Until now. With the team taking to Twitter, the Delta Time team has now published its roadmap, with eyes on a full launch in early-2020.

In addition to this longer ambition of a 2020 launch, the team is set for pretty interesting/busy August and September. At the moment, users can access the website to participate in one of the auctions for its exclusive NFTs.

With August, the team wants to have concurrent auctions of various cars, along with peer-to-peer trading taking place between players through its market.

Be sure to check out the F1 Delta Time here.

And if you’re interested in F1 Delta Time’s auctions to-date, it’s also worth checking out this analysis video from our editor-at-large Jon Jordan. 

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