NEO and Ontology join together to create ‘next gen internet’

Few solutions have set out to create a new internet, save for blockchain-based ones. This fact is what makes the newly announced partnership between NEO and Ontology all the more interesting.

Announced during a meeting in Shanghai, the two solutions stated that this collaboration allowed the duo to harness the strengths of one another to create this ‘next-gen internet.’

NEO has been making some serious moves into the world of game and dApp design over 2018/19

“As a new era of blockchain adoption approaches, the partnership will facilitate the industry’s accelerated growth by leveraging both parties’ strengths to introduce an efficient and inclusive interoperability protocol.”

This interoperability protocol effectively allows them to leverage one another’s strengths. While also allowing each team to place a particular focus on:

  • A lower barrier to entry for new users
  • Enhanced levels of security
  • ‘Eco-Friendly’ approach to member chains. – Effectively prizing ease of use and preventing users from being restricted from use by the kind of chain they use.
  • Transactional Atomicity – Allowing users to make use of dApps regardless of the chain they use.


Da Hongfei, the Founder of NEO highlighted the partnership as being a formative ‘next step’ for the blockchain world as a whole.

“This partnership represents the next step for not only NEO and Ontology, but also the future of the blockchain industry as we pioneer a collaborative approach to solving tough problems.” Hongfei continues.

“By building the foundation for a global cross-chain platform, we look forward to delivering real life solutions and uses for blockchain by surmounting challenges and issues together.”

For more information about the partnership, check out the full announcement here.

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