Loom’s PlasmaChain and digital wallet now compatible with Binance Chain

Loom has the express objective of becoming a widely available multi-chain solution for players

It was only back in April this year that Binance announced the launch of its own dedicated chain. Known as ‘Binance Chain,’ the solution allows users to migrate assets between Ethereum and its own chain.

This also allows users to complete token swaps, while porting its own services across.

This week, Loom announced that it will be working with Binance in order to make both its chain and digital wallet compatible with the digital exchange’s proprietary solution.

Effectively, what this means is that Loom is fast transforming from a Layer-2 solution, to a multi-chain network. So what does this mean for Loom users? For one, it makes dApps highly accessible, according to the team:


“It makes your dapp accessible to as many users as possible — right from the beginning — with true blockchain interoperability.”

Currently, the team has made its solution compatible with TRON and Binance so far. But Loom intends to take this even further.

“We are integrating with major blockchains like TRON, Cosmos, and EOS for one simple reason — so dapp developers can access ALL users on ALL of the biggest ecosystems, instead of having to choose between blockchains — by simply building their dapp on Loom from the start.”

Check out the full announcement right here.

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