Exotanks MOBA is the latest game to land on The Abyss Platform

With the launch of Abyss Platforms UE4 program, we now get to see one of the first game projects to come out of it. This, of course, is the strategy/action game – Exotanks MOBA, which will be arriving on the gaming platform Q3 2019.

The Abyss team took some time to highlight some of the key mechanics:

  • Battle tanks of the future. Choose yours. Each of the tanks has 4 abilities, including one ultimate ability, specially designed to crush all enemies in the battle.
  • Three classes. Try them all. Your team’s success depends on the cooperation of the three tank classes: the DefenderAssault, and Engineer class.
  • Weaponry. Upgrade in a fight. Choose and install various equipment during the battle to pump your abilities. Different abilities are used against each other in different ways.
  • Skins. Each tank has an exclusive appearance. Сreate yours with camouflage and stickers of different rarity!

Be sure to check out the full announcement here.

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