Ex-Magic director Chris Clay initiates ‘dramatic improvement’ in Gods Unchained’s UI

TCG is getting a tighter, clearer look

Earlier in August, Gods Unchained developer Immutable announced it had hired Magic: The Gathering’s game director Chris Clay.

And he’s already having an impact on the direction of the blockchain TCG.

According to the most recent developer update about v0.17, Clay is overseeing a “dramatic” overhaul of the game’s user interface.

These include a redesign of the mana lock system to make it more clear, a reshaping of the God Health icon, and the ongoing overhaul of cards’ UI.

Less obvious, but equally important, has been the first round of code optimization to improve the performance on laptops and lower spec PCs.

Of course, there has also been the addition and removal of various cards, and bug fixes.

You can read the full notes here

Gods Unchained is currently available to play in beta with the full release due in October. 

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