Crypto Games Conference announces details of its 10-11 October event in Kiev

Two days of blockchain learning

A blockchain B2B games conference, Crypto Games Conference will be held in Kyiv (Kiev) on October 10th and 11th.

The upcoming event will take place in the heart of IT-savvy Ukraine, its capital – Kyiv. Located in the business area of the city, the contemporary Mercure Congress Centre conference venue, will open its doors to 1,500 attendees. It will be a pivotal gaming innovation supershow attracting the most wanted delegates from all over the globe.

It’s time to test yourself in an exciting race for the prize-pool at the hackathon, find investors, present your brand in all its glory at the stand or take part in the annual awards ceremony. Are VR/AR/AI/ Blockchain in gaming your passion? Get ready for an exhaustive list of features at the next CGC, held in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Become a part of the event that shapes the future and adrenalizes the progress with

  • 1,500 delegates from more than 50 countries
  • 500 leading companies from digital games industry
  • 100 speakers covering the hottest and most important topics of forefront technologies
  • Flamboyant expo and showcase zones filled with the most promising startups, games and projects

CGC Pitch

First introduced during the Minsk 2018 event, CGC Pitch offers prominent startups an opportunity to present their products to investors laser focused on gaming, VR, AR and blockchain, in a series of speed dating sessions.

CGC Awards

CGC Awards is a contest designed to recognize innovation and celebrate creativity. If you have a gaming project that uses blockchain, VR, AR, and other forefront technologies, and you believe it rocks – waste no time, apply now and grab your chance to win!

CGC Showcase

An expo floor for indie game developers. 100 teams will show their games to all attendees of the conference. A perfect chance to get valuable feedback, make partnerships, and grow to the next level!


A free networking app will be used before and during the event to find the right people and arrange meetings. Search the list of attendees and companies, book meetings in dedicated meeting areas at the conference floor, schedule all your activities in one app.


CGC is proud of its signature networking events, including parties, lounges, and meetups. This time, in addition to them, attendees are invited to an exclusive trip to Chernobyl – an iconic nuclear power plant and abandoned town of Pripyat. Check out the HBO mini-series to find out more about the Chernobyl disaster. The number of seats on the bus is limited!

About CGC

Pioneered in 2018, CGC (AKA Crypto Games Conference) is a business event for gaming professionals harnessing the power of blockchain, VR and AR. The past three conferences have brought together more than 2,000 delegates from over 40 countries, creating hundreds of new partnerships and opportunities. Designed as a global knowledge centre, a marketplace and a platform for networking, CGC strives to evangelise and to bring mass adoption to disruptive technologies set to change the gaming industry landscape. More information at

Venue: Mercure Kyiv Congress Kyiv, 6, V. Getmana Str.

Contact persons:

Mary Yakovleva – [email protected]

Lora Veremeenko – [email protected]

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