DMarket raises $6.5 million, adds Trip Hawkins to board

Blockchain-based game item marketplace DMarket is levelling up with a $6.5 million funding round led by early-stage investor Almaz Capital with participation from payment outfit Xsolla

The company previously raised $19 million through ICO in 2017. 

DMarket will use the investment to increase its engineering and management talent as it expands to help create new business models in gaming.  

DMarket CEO Vlad Panchenko said that despite the challenging investment climate in 2020, he felt venture funds now had a more active attitude. 

That stated, DMarket had been in contact with Almaz Capital for a couple of years prior to this investment.  

“They’ve visited our offices in LA, London and Kiev, know the whole idea and how the business has evolved,” he says. 

“They see a big future for DMarket in the intersection of gaming, social media, influencers, brands and content creators.”  

Alongside the deal, DMarket has announced that game entrepreneur Trip Hawkins (ex-CEO of EA, 3D0 and Digital Chocolate) is joining its management board. 

“I believe in the principles of blockchain and want to help establish some concrete operating examples,” commented Hawkins. 

“Many gamers are into blockchain so pioneering this area with DMarket is timely and sensible.”

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