Mobile RPG Guild of Guardians announced, will use Immutable X

Ukrainian mobile developer Stepico Games has announced Guild of Guardians, a mobile RPG that will be published by Gods Unchained developer Immutable

Best known as a work-for-hire studio, the 80-strong Stepico has worked on 25 games to-date and will be using that experience to ensure Guild of Guardians is both “fun and rewarding”.

It’s a multiplayer action RPG in which players build their team of guardians, competing in guild to earn rewards.

The game will run on the Immutable X L2 technology, which offers zero gas fees and instant transactions, and will enable in-game mechanics such as trading, crafting and item drops to operate in a seamless and accessible manner. 

With the game not expected to be formally released on iOS and Android until early 2022, Stepico is currently looking to build its community through NFT giveaways earned via referrals. 

An NFT pre-sale is also planned for Q2 2021, with access to the alpha version of the game scheduled towards the end of the year. 

You can register now for early access to the pre-sale here

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