Top grossing JRPG Brave Frontier coming to Ethereum as Brave Frontier Heroes

It’s getting the My Crypto Heroes treatment

As part of its MCH+ blockchain partnership program, Japanese developer Double Jump.Toyko has announced it’s working on a blockchain version of the very successful F2P mobile game Brave Frontier.

The game – which is a co-development with fellow Japanese dev Alim Co – is based on existing title My Crypto Heroes but slightly modified and with Brave Frontier characters.

Called Brave Frontier Heroes, it features the same gameplay and pixelated style as My Crypto Heroes but adds better UX, including a cleaner battle UI and more impressive special effects.

There are also plans to have character interoperability between the two games, with My Crypto Heroes’ character Nightingale the first to be announced.

Testing, testing

Available for early testing until 24 December 2019, you’ll need to sign in with an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask but the game is free-to-play.

In fact, at this stage, there aren’t any blockchain elements yet implemented.

You can check out the test version here.

More MCH+ blockchain games

In addition, various other blockchain games using the MCH+ platform have been announced. 

These include MyCryptoFootballer, which is a joint development between Double Jump and Samurai Soft, and an as-yet untitled location-based game with developer Real World Games.

It’s expected this game will use the existing ERC20 token Arukucoin. 

Finally, new game developer Seventage announced its martial arts RPG Chojo, which will involve “hot fights of beautiful girls”.

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