Top blockchain game Splinterlands is moving from Steem to Hive

With the Steem blockchain experiencing a surprise hard fork, its top dapp – the trading card game Splinterlands – has announced it’s transitioning to the rival Hive blockchain.

There’s been plenty of bad blood between the two communities since Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation made a successful but hostile move to buy the Steemit blogging platform; in the process gaining access to its large reserve of STEEM tokens and enabling it to take control of the Steem blockchain. 

Hive, which itself is a hard fork of Steem that excludes Justin Sun’s tokens, launched in mid-March, and has quickly picked up a community of ex-Steem users.

As for Splinterlands’ decision, the developer says it’s based “only on an objective evaluation of the facts around both platforms”, while also noting that “some of our players have strong feelings against the Hive blockchain”.

You can read the full blog post here

Splinterlands – which as well as being Steem’s top dapp is also ranked by DappRadar as the most popular blockchain game – will formally move to the Hive blockchain on 1 June. 

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