Emoji collect-and-battler Emoji Clash announced

Reality Clash developer Reality Gaming Group has announced a deal with JoyPixels for an emoji-based blockchain game called Emoji Clash.

JoyPixels describes itself as a ‘full service emoji company’ that sells libraries of official emojis from the Unicode Consortium, which is the outfit behind emoji standards. 

The first part of the Emoji Clash launch will be the presale of packs, each containing between 10 and 20 emojis of different rarities. 

Reality Gaming is using the term Emojibles to describe the set of emojis that Emoji Clash will use. 

Each emoji will be an NFT, secured on the Ethereum blockchain, and some Emojibles will be created exclusively for the game, including those with Bitcoin and Ethereum themes.

This presale will occur in September, with Emoji Clash expected to be launched for PC and mobile in early 2021. 

If you’re interested, you can register now to reserve your account and claim a free Emojibles pack. 

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