DeFi Warrior raises $2.3 million for its DeFi x NFT experience

Two of the biggest trends in blockchain gaming and cryptocurrencies are being rolled into one as DeFi Warrior secures over $2.3 million in investment.

Notable investors consist of Signum Capital, Hyperchain Capital, and OKEx Blockdream Ventures. In particular, Signum Capital summarised the collective interest of investors in the potential behind DeFi Warrior:

As NFT games are gaining momentum amongst crypto natives and even non-crypto folks, we feel that the potential for DeFi Warrior, a combination of Dex and NFT will stir a lot of interest in the market.

Looking at the separate gameplay styles the game offers; like farming, it’s easy to see how DeFi comes into play – with player NFTs operating like a liquidity pool. In general, DeFi and NFTs mingle a lot in the economy of this game.

Bringing DeFi and NFTs together

What makes DeFi Warrior an interesting prospect is how it blends Non-Fungible Tokens and Decentralised Finance. With each part of the game representing the hierarchy of its economy.

Planets: specific blockchain protocols within the game, with Warrior NFTs representing the cryptocurrency that they’re based on. Each ‘planet’ hosts specific ‘pools’ where Warrior NFTs can participate in activities.

Pools: People involved in crypto mining will be familiar with pools as a collection of miners or nodes. But, in this game, pools are NFTs that players can own.

Nodes: Smallest unit on an NFT planet, used in-game to create more assets for the player.

Warriors: These are specific NFTs that also represents crypto. Warriors’ are only named after popular cryptos, generating a form of scarcity.

Much like other games in the blockchain gaming space, DeFi Warrior operates on a play-to-earn system. Whether it’s through farming, unique missions, or PvP, they all generate in-game currency to build up your collection.

Find out more about DeFi Warriors here.

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