MotoGP Ignition launching NFT collectible series Hot Shots

Animoca Brands’ MotoGP Ignition blockchain game is now expanding to also offer video clip NFTs in the shape of its Hot Shots series.

Similar to Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shots, MotoGP Ignition Hot Shots are a collection of exciting moments taken from real world MotoGP events and minted as NFTs,

So, what can buyers expect?

To start the series, Animoca Brands will be selling off 6,000 packs (each containing 3 unique NFTs from the MotoGP 2021 Barwa Grand Prix of Qatar).

Each pack contains three Hot Shots NFTs of varying rarity and bearing a serial/print number. Payment will be by credit card only and packs priced at $15.

The sale itself is divided into 3 sales (2,000 packs for each sale) for users in different time zones; giving them the opportunity to get involved.

While the sale itself kicks off on the 28th of September, those interested should register now on the MotoGP website here.

Registrations close on the 20th, so be quick!

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