PanzerDogs NFTs sell out in 15 minutes

Tank-based PvP arena, PanzerDogs has had a strong performance in its recent NFT sale; selling out in 15 minutes. The announcement was made in early December, with Lucky Kat Studios’ social handles, in what can only be described as its Twitter-based (and deserved) ‘In-zone’ dance:

In total, 5,555 PanzerDog NFTs were part of the team’s sale which, when coupled with the various ‘tank parts’ that the team airdropped to its community, allows players to build up their own tanks, captained by their chosen NFT.

Being one of the blockchain projects to leverage the Solana blockchain, the NFT sale has also allowed PanzerDogs to break the top 10 in NNFT collections for daily volume; according to

As a game, PanzerDogs is a Play-2-Earn, PvP arena; pitting players against each other to test out their tank builds and win native tokens. According to its white paper, players can earn tokens through PvP, tournaments, and its ‘idle mode’, which involves staking NFTs to go on missions and earn passive token income.

Be sure to check out the team’s working demo right here.

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