HasteArcade integrates BSV-based Fabriik Weave for streamlined player transactions

Serving as an old school games arcade experience for players, HasteArcade, has announced that it will be integrating Fabriik’s Weave solution to streamline player transactions.

As a platform, HasteArcade is dedicated to serving users as a classic arcade marketplace. The only caveat is that it harnesses Play-to-earn to ensure players can earn money for their successes in-game, or competing against other players.

Dan Wagner, CEO of HasteArcade, explains: “Being able to earn an incremental source of income as a gamer for doing something you’re good at and enjoy doing just for fun, is a very powerful concept. We wanted to offer players tangible rewards for their victories. So-called ‘bragging rights’ is all very well but doesn’t really mean anything unlike winning digital assets.”

Up until recently, Haste has dedicated its time to fleshing out its arcade marketplace and ILP as a proof of concept. Since then, it has shifted focus to mainstream adoption. In order to accomplish this, the team will need to leverage a solution that can sustain a far larger community of players, while also being an accessible introduction to the benefits of blockchain.

To make this happen, HasteArcade decided to make use of Fabriik’s solution – Weave API. One of the major challenges for games on the blockchain is the difficulty of integrating blockchain solutions. With Weave API, the process becomes far simpler, removing many of the barriers to entry, and allowing HasteArcade to dramatically increase the number of games within its arcade ecosystem.

Find out more about Haste Arcade’s integration of Weave, check out the full announcement here.

Learn more about HasteArcade and Fabriik by visiting their websites.

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