Umbria Partners with head5 to Make deadmau5 x Smearballs NFT Series Available to a Wider Audience

Deadmau5 has announced that his new NFT series is coming to the Polygon blockchain. Known as the Head5 collection, it’s a ‘multiverse-ready’ avatar series between Deadmau5 and the visual artist – Smearballs (or Nick denBoer) – and the cornerstone NFT series of the future ‘mau5verse’.

Spannning a broader library of music, games, literature, and NFTs, the Mau5verse aims to bring the existing community of fans and content closer together.

“NFTs in the Head5 collection have utility far beyond PFP, integrating different genres and opening up the metaverse to deadmau5’s legions of fans,” accodingn to Umbria Network Co-Foundner – Barney Chambers – “By electing to deploy their NFTs on the Polygon network, Head5 is alleviating high gas fees and speeding up transactions without sacrificing security; Umbria provides the last piece of the puzzle. The Narni bridge increases access from the Ethereum network, onboarding users more cheaply, quickly and with greater technical support.”

To make this a reality, the project has teamed up with Umbria in order to provide a highly user-friendly experience. Leveraging Umbria’s Narni bridge, Head5 holders would be able to access the metaverse through a fast and cost-effective bridge solution.

“We want to make things as easy as possible for friends and collectors to get involved with what we are doing in the mau5verse. Umbria Network is a prime option for access to the head5 NFT collection,” said deadmau5.

Owners of NFTs in the head5 collection will get special access to a range of exclusive perks, including:

  • Guestlist to deadmau5 shows
  • Early and exclusive access to VIP experiences and live show tickets
  • Early access to deadmau5 music
  • Community votes on future mau5verse roadmap
  • NFT airdrops
  • Companion drops
  • Whitelisting for future NFT projects
  • Figurines, vinyl and plush toys
  • Prints and comics
  • Merchandise
  • NFT project collaboration perks

Find out how to buy one of these exclusive NFTs by visiting the blog post here. alternatively, if you already know how, you can dive right into the sale here.

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