Bandai Namco pours $130 million into the metaverse – starting with ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’

For as long as the metaverse has been in vogue, there have been comparisons to the famous book and movie, ‘Ready, Player One’. Now, Bandai Namco – the famous game developer – announces that it will be pouring $130 million into the creation of its own unique world within the metaverse.

For the moment, this metaverse will start with ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ – named after the world-renowned manga/anime series, the world is set to include games, videos, live music among other kinds of content.

Akin to esports platforms and fashion brands, this agnostic approach to online content is aimed at enabling fans of the 40-year-old franchise to connect with Gundam in a far closer way, as Bandai Namco’s President – Masaru Kawaguchi – explains:

“[The Gundam Metaverse will be] a mechanism for us to be more deeply connected with fans… It will become possible to connect intellectual property-specific metaverses in the future.”

The company has more metaverses to build around its franchise – with Gundam being its first foray into the space.

To further the brand’s exposure and ensure its success, Bandai Namco’s ‘Chief Gundam Officer’ (as he’s been referred to, because of his extensive expertise in producing plastic Gundam models), Koji Fujiwara, will be responsible for obtaining the manpower and resources to evangelise the metaverse.

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