Former Twitch star Dr Disrespect sells 10,000 Founders Access Pass NFTs

Guy Beahm, more popularly remembered as the former Twitch live-streamer ‘Dr Disrespect’, has created a new game development studio with Robert Bowling (Call of Duty creative strategist) and Quinn Delhoyo (Halo 5 Multiplayer designer). Called ‘Midnight Society’, the team will be using NFTs as a means of initial fundraising for its flagship title – an as yet untitled PVP shooter.

According to a blog post on the website by Bowling, the initial application for NFTs will be as Founders Access passes – of which 10,000 have been minted for interested members of the community.

Costing $50 each, users have the choice of putting them to use by playing the game. Alternatively, after a “30-day lockdown period” (as the company refers to it), buyers can also take them to the secondary market.

For those interested in getting involved, users can apply for one of these NFTs here.

While blockchain gaming companies have reliably used NFT sales as a viable means of fundraising, whenever NFTs are brought into the mainstream, they often find a negative reception awaiting. In Dr Disrepect and Midnight Society’s case, this includes fellow live-streamers.

OTK streamer Asmongold: integrating NFTs into game a “huge mistake”

Fellow Twitch streamer and OTK (One True King) Co-Founder Asmongold also discussed Dr Disrepect’s decision, referring to the decision to integrate NFTs as a “huge mistake.”

Speaking during a streaming session, Asmongold argued that there is a risky game played when attaching a brand and image to anything; NFTs being just one prominent example.

“If you remove and you change that authenticity into doing like NFTs or whatever, that hurts people’s perception because it is fundamental to the image he has created,” Asmongold said. “It’s kind of what I said before about how somebody can only get cancelled if they get banned or contradict what their public image is.”

For more context, you can check out the full clip from Asmongold’s stream here.

For more information about Midnight Society, you can visit the website here.

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