Infinite Arcade welcome Visa veteran Andrew Dubatowka as Core Contributor – Product Marketing

Operating as a blockchain platform and diving-off point for the mobile games to venture into the metaverse, Infinite Arcade has announced the appointment of Andrew Dubatowka as its Core Contributor for Product Marketing.

Originally coming from Visa, where he worked for four years as a Senior Director for Global Marketing, Dubatowka brings an international level of expertise and experience to an industry that has already attracted a lot of AAA talent.

What’s more, Dubatowka’s 15 year career is studded with major senior positions with the likes of IPG MediaBrands and AdColony, while working alongside brands and clients like Intel, Johnson &Johnson, Wells Fargo, Google, and more.

For Infinite Arcade, it marks the next step in the platforms growth ever since it launched back in February 2022.

Established to introduce blockchain dynamics to mobile games, Infinite Arcade aims to empower developers with new tools and avenues for monetization, while granting greater ownership and power to millions of gamers. Compared to desktop/console gaming, mobile games have a higher level of monetisation, with Infinite Arcade being the adjoining point between mass-market appeal, and blockchain technology.

In the time since launch, the platform has kept true to its function as a jump-off point for mobile games getting into the metaverse. More than 20 mobile games have plugged into the Infinite Arcade, selling over 10,000 NFTs. Each of these NFTs will unlock P2E features for their prospective owners.

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