Warner Bros partners with Nifty to bring Looney Tunes into the world of NFTs

While Warner Bros has been working in the world of blockchain for some time, the globally-known company will be working with Nifty to bring its Looney Tunes along too.

Known as ‘Looney Tunes: What’s up, Block?’, the NFT series will be part of a larger, story-driven NFT experience. For players, they can collect and take part in a growing range of activities while earning new and exclusive rewards as the bigger story unravels.

Starting off with the Iconic Tweety Bird, other characters NFTs will be made available as the story progresses. In total, Nifty and Warner Bros will be selling 10,000 Tweeties at $80 each, making them highly accessible to new and experienced holders alike.

The first snapshot of these NFTs will kick off on June 15th, while the pre-sale and public sale are set for June 20th and 21st, respectively.

You can check out the collection and find out how to get your own Tweety NFT here.

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