Designing successful NFT games, according to leading NFT studios [video]

A panel of experts talks about the ins and outs of NFT game design

Welcome to another of our exclusive video advice panels. What’s it like to work with Hollywood IPs with NFTs? How exactly did the NFT craze begin, and how does one design a game with NFTs in mind? Discover these topics and more in this panel from the online conference PG Connects Digital #7, which delivers insight and advice into NFT game design. The expert panel includes leading NFT studios.

Creating blockchain games from different perspectives

At the July 2021 online conference, we recorded Michael Zhang (Firefly Games), Robby Yung (Animoca Brands), Yan Ketelers (Venly) and Jona Derks (Block Bastards) talking. They discuss game design with NFTs from their own personal experiences. The panel shares its valuable learnings through the years, and how there’s still always something new to learn as blockchain games continue to evolve.

For instance, what is the key ingredient when you want to design an NFT game? At the heart of it all is the gameplay – what can people gain from your blockchain game? Users still want a good gaming experience at the end of the day. Thankfully, there’s now more support for developers to create blockchain games whether you’re an indie or a triple-A dev.

The main characteristics of games with NFTs

The panel also talks about the success of Axie Infinity and what we can learn from it. In creating your own game, always ask yourself what your goal is. Do you want something that’s purely about monetisation like NBA Topshot, or do you have an existing game that wants to adopt the play-to-earn model? These two will provide entirely different experiences for users. 

In addition, the panel shares insights on the two paths players can take to achieve what they want in a game: the grinding path and the spending path. The panel touches upon interoperability as a user acquisition method as well.

Towards the end of the session, the panel stresses the importance of user-generated content in NFT games. The community eventually takes over thanks to the openness of these blockchain platforms. The challenge now is on how to simplify things for mainstream gaming, how to boost interoperability for blockchain games, and how to handle government regulations and taxes moving forward.

This half-hour conference panel is intended for anyone who’s eager to know about the outlook of NFT games in ten years. Will digital goods be normalised? Will blockchain games be the norm? You can watch the video above, and tune in to the latest conference for more insights from international experts by booking a ticket now.

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