Life Beyond launches its first Open Alpha

Life Beyond, the Web3 and blockchain-powered MMORPG experience, kicked off its very first Open Alpha on Wednesday 29th of June. Taking place in an alien world, players are able to take on the roles of citizens and architects of a society powered by highly advanced technology.

As part of the Open Alpha, early access will be provided to those that own either a Dolos Passport or an Apartment Access Key (AAK). Possessing one of these will be able to test out the game’s early features and experience an ever-evolving world based on user-generated creations, choices and behaviours.

Those who don’t have either an AAK or Dolos Passport will have to wait until the full launch of the Open Alpha – which is on Wednesday 6th July.

In the game itself, each parcel of land goes through three distinct eras of development; each with their own unique gameplay styles and mechanics:

  • Pioneering – dedicated to exploration and combat in order to discover and unlock new lands.
  • Settling – Developing homesteads and the foundations of your settlement’s infrastructure and crafting.
  • Governing – centred around developing your settlement’s social and economic systems in order. to keep these societies running efficiently.

Each Open Alpha will introduce players to a certain set of features and content on each of the eras. The first Open Alpha (Started/ing June 29th & July 6th) will focus on the Pioneering mechanics for combat, exploration and gathering resources. Following this, its later Open Alpha’s will introduce more Pioneering mechanics along with glimpses into the later stages of development.

Set in the alien and futuristic world of Dolos, this was the product of a team of highly skilled employees and leaders from Ubisoft, now known as Darewise Entertainment. Boasting experience with famous IPs like Assassin’s Creed, and Ghost Recon, the team lends its creative flair for world-building to Life Beyond.

This Open Alpha is the first of a series of Alphas that will be released throughout the coming months. Darewise aims to regularly present to their committed community, and future players, their new features that feeds the core pillars and improve them over time. In a statement made by Vincent Marty, Product Director at Darewise, he said: “Our approach has always been to involve you early on in our development. Thanks to your feedback, we will constantly improve the game.”

Find out more about the game by visiting the website.

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