Animoca Brands, WeMade & Samsung Next back Planetarium Labs

Planetarium Labs, the blockchain gaming firm, has successfully raised over $32 million in Series A funding, thanks to the support of industrial heavyweights like Animoca Brands, Samsung Next and WeMade. According to the company, this funding will go towards creating Planetarium’s blockchain-based gaming ecosystem.

Built on top of the Libplanet blockchain, the ecosystem would allow players to get involved with an ever-evolving network where they have an active say in content development.

To make this a reality, funds will also be used for expanding the fundamental tools for ensuring a diverse level of community-driven gaming while also supporting its partnered studios with the equipment they need to create sophisticated and enriching gaming experiences on Web 3.

Long-term, along with building out its ecosystem, Planetarium Labs aims to support emerging and new decentralised games through an ecosystem fund, along with support programs on a community level to encourage greater collaboration and support from within their online community.

Find out more about Planetarium Labs by visiting the website.

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