Ambitious crafting and combat blockchain game Crypto Space Commander launches pre-sale

Buy your brand new blockchain spaceships now

LA developer Lucid Sight has started an item pre-sale for its forthcoming blockchain game Crypto Space Commander (CSC).

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the browser game was developed using Unity and requires the MetaMask wallet and in that manner at least it works like a typical blockchain game.

Prices currently range from around $10 to $300 depending on the ship

Where Lucid Sight hopes to make an impression, however, is the sheer scope of what you can do in CSC.

Gameplay options in the real-time sandbox space MMO include mining for resources, crafting item, battling pirates and other players, and buying and selling spaceships.

There’s also a strong economic component in terms of using smart contracts for metagame outcomes.

Building up your own battle fleet

Going into more detail, players can own as many ships as they want, but only pilot one at a time.

Each ship will have its own boost or buff providing it with a specialization and can be levelled up in terms of modules such as shield and weapons. These ERC721 items can be purchased or crafted.

As well as such underlying components, players will be able to craft spaceships, and in time it will be possible to craft entire space stations. In order to craft higher level items, however, players will need to research how to make them or get access to their blueprints.

Significantly, players who invent or improve an item can also gain an ongoing royalty on future sales of that item via smart contracts.

Safe place

When it comes to space exploration, CSC‘s gameplay will be shaped by the game’s two distinct zones.

Core space is a safe zone for research and exploration, while Fringe space will be offer more rewards in terms of materials and resources at the risk of combat.

It’s expected CSC will reach its first public playable state on the Ethereum Test Net in June

Travelling in CSC will be faster-than-light with smaller spaceship travelling faster than massive ones, although you will be able speed up all ships via upgrades. There will also be faster paid-for transportation options including jump gates.

Off the launchpad

In terms of the pre-sale, Lucid Sight is looking to encourage players to participate by selling ships that will never be sold again and which will also grant their users the knowledge to craft them.

Prices currently range from around $10 to $300 depending on the ship, but some rare items are being auctioned with ‘buy now’ prices of thousands of dollars. Players can also earn ships by building up their bounty by recruiting new players via the game’s affiliate links.

It’s expected CSC will reach its first public playable state on the Ethereum Test Net in June, with a MainNet beta in August, and full launch in December.

You can find out more details via the game’s website. You’ll have to sign up to see the ships for sale, however.

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