Smobler Studios secures $1.2 million in seed funding round, backed by The Sandbox

Smobler Studios, a metaverse architecture firm, has successfully raised $1.2 million through its seed funding round. Being supported by big names like The Sandbox, including launchpads/VCs like Brinc and Enjinstarter.

Established by the creative and media veteran Dr Loretta Chen, along with the talented artist, architect and gamer – Ruel Sarmiento – Smobler Studios was formed during the pandemic, when Sarimento had been play-testing in The Sandbox before discovering the Game Maker Fund.

The Game Maker Fund was formed to support up-and-coming creative projects within The Sandbox’s metaverse while providing support with publishing recipients’ games. Leveraging the use of both Chen’s and Sarmiento’s experiences as brand builders and master storytellers, the duo conceptualized a sprawling, colourful exposition space called Cobbleland that brings together brands, communities, non-profit organisations and gives young or budding entrepreneurs of minority groups a platform to launch their ideas and promote their businesses in a gamified environment.

“I’m always thinking about how to use our platforms to create more opportunities for diversity, equity inclusion,” adds Chen. “We are keen to push the boundaries of knowledge to explore the possibilities of virtual spaces and interactions. By harnessing Web3 technology, we support meaningful brands and non-profits and use the metaverse platform for social good.” Both local and international brands and NGOs have already jumped on the bandwagon.

Among these NGOs is The Food Bank Singapore, which has since been onboarded recently alongside Aventis Graduate School. The latter of which is one of the first institutes to offer a fully metaverse-based campus in Asia, which aims to offer low-cost education to students across the ASEAN region.

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