Ford Motors to enter the meta verse with trademarks on virtual cars

Well-known worldwide as a powerful car manufacturer, Ford Motors has made an interesting foray into the metaverse this week.

According to the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO), the company has officially filed 19 trademark applications for its popular car brands. The decision comes in the wake of massive layoffs throughout the company to cut costs and get back into the green after a brutal lockdown. 

As a result, the decision to enter the metaverse appears to be one of the ways the manufacturer aims to recapture the initiative and mitigate losses by attracting the interest of younger, more technically savvy customers.

Looking deeper into Ford’s patent applications, the company aims to offer a range of its Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), vans, cars and trucks as text, art, video and audio NFTs.

Ford Motors in the metaverse: rolling out digital / entertainment services.

As part of these patents, Ford Motor will also be able to monetise its virtual vehicles as playable assets within virtual worlds, including various accessories for their respective car models.

Leveraging Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR / VR), Ford Motors aims to support online car exhibitions for would-be car collectors. 

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