Fantasy Gold Coin launches $10,000 eSports series

FGCarena’s eight event Las Vegas contest

The Fantasy Gold team has launched FGCarena, a Las Vegas eSports competition, in partnership with Millennial Esports.

Players will compete for a combination of cash and Fantasy Gold Coin prize pools in a series of eight monthly live events at the Neonopolis.

The starting prize pool of $10,000 will be contested by big-name gamers such as Justin Wong and Team Spooky.

The events will be streamed live to over 300,000 viewers in anticipation of a winner being crowned the best of the best.

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Senior Vice President Business Operations Jason Liberto said, “We want to build a strong community of gamers that can get together and play their favorite video games, have fun and win money.

“What is better than that? I also believe they will find us way different than any other company. We are family and community-driven. With the support of the gamers, we will show something a lot different than they’re used to seeing. If you follow us on Discord, you will see that we are completely transparent and honest.”

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