WonderPals picks DeAPlaneta to lead its NFT’s global expansion

DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s digital business wing – DeAPlaneta Interactive has secured a new alliance with Web3 brand WonderPals.

The two companies will work to co-develop content to expand WonderPals’ story-telling into a wide range of media – like books, comics and collectibles – to the metaverse. DeAPlaneta Entertainment will also become WonderPals’ worldwide sales agent for the physical products based on its brand, with a comprehensive consumer products plan.

“As a growing brand, the opportunity of working with a respected company like DeAPlaneta is something we have always dreamed of. We believe this partnership will elevate us to a new level. DeAPlaneta is a key partner for building and expanding the world of WonderPals and we’re so excited by the prospect of sharing more stories and adventures!”, Mina declared.

Mina created WonderPals back in December 2021. The NFT series was subsequently launched in Feb 28, 2022, and sold out in a matter of seconds. WonderPals sold all 10,000 NFTs in its collection at a price of 0.08 ETH per unit (which, at launch, was equivalent to about $224 per NFT).

Boasting 10 years of work as an artist and senior product designer for the likes of Target and Tiffany & Co. Mina brings a wealth of skill to WonderPals; using her knowledge to create inclusive, adorable characters that anyone can identify with.

At the moment, WonderPals already has a collection of emojis on its store, along with agreements to reach into food, apparel and stationary.

Following DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s alliance with the NFT MetaGuardians collection, DeAPlaneta Interactive continues its commitment to the relationship between the entertainment sector and new technologies (especially Web3).

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