Mighty Bear Games will be giving away free NFTS

The free NFTs for the upcoming Mighty Actions Heroes Web3 game will be released to reward community members first

Mighty Bear Games is giving users free MightyNet Genesis Pass non-fungible tokens for its upcoming Mighty Actions heroes Web3 game.

Those that gain a pass will be granted early access to all MightyNet games and will also be among the first to be able to experience new features and content and be front of the line when the first batch of NFTs drop for Mighty Action Heroes.

Earlier this year Mighty Bear Games raised $10 million from token sales which helped to back the development of Mighty Action Heroes, the title is set to launch this year. However Mighty Bear Games intends to release NFTs to its loyal community first. An “Allowlist” has been created that features long-term holders of NFTs from at least two pioneer collections – 25,000 people are on the Mighty Bears list – and these users will have access to the free NFTs. This method of distribution aims to reward those who are more likely to hold onto the NFTs rather than instantly trying to sell them.

Rewarding the community

In a discussion with GamesBeat, Mighty Bears Games CEO, Simon Davis commented on the future of Web3 gaming saying, “At Mighty Bear, we believe that Web3 has the potential to change gaming forever, both through the player ownership model and the strength of its burgeoning communities. Community is everything in Web3 and this is our way of contributing to it, by offering the best, most influential, and most competitive gamers something to congregate around”.

Genesis pass holders will also have access to the MightyNet ecosystem which has private Discord channels, premium customer support, and exclusive in-game perks such as skins and cosmetics. Mighty Bear intends to utilise its experience of industry veterans to continue to make games that combine the depth of desktop gaming with the accessibility of mobile.

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