Umetaworld launches its NFT collection of rooms from the real world

Umetaworld has announced the launch of its own NFT-based collection of rooms in a virtual replica of the real world. The series offers a unique bridge for web3 users between the physical and virtual experience – enabling users to create their own assets and monetize them through NFTs.

When it comes to the Metaverse, Meta has (unfortunately, in some cases) been the name reflective of the experience. But projects like Umetaworld are worth taking for their own merits. For example, the company takes aim at providing its users with provable digital ownership, to facilitate the building of next-generation experiential opportunities.

According to the team, Umetaworld was developed to serve as a highly immersive way to showcase the metaverse to those familiar or brand new to the metaverse. Combining the physical and virtual, the company aims to make an accessible, empowering solution.

“We are thrilled to launch this free NFT mint,” says Danielle Marinelli, CEO of Umetaworld. “We are continuing our mission to facilitate services where users can seamlessly socialize, interact, and make transactions. By launching this NFT mint users get to be both creators and owners in this digital landscape where reality becomes virtual and Metaverse is reality.”

As a platform, Umetaworld users can discover new locations and meet people worldwide, interacting through their smartphone’s microphone. To enter the Metaverse, users download the app and snap a selfie, generating an avatar that functions as a digital version of the user.

The avatar replicates the head movements of the user, among other functionalities, such as dancing, blowing a kiss, and greeting others. Avatar outfits are customizable, allowing users to buy new digital clothing and accessories in-app.

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