builds its first blockchain game on Oasys

Oasys has announced that it has been selected as the blockchain of choice for the Japanese entertainment company – Namely, the company has chosen it for its first blockchain-based game – Kanpani Girls RE:BLOOM. announced its entry into the Web3 business in early 2022 and has begun developing blockchain games with support from Japanese Web3 game developer, CryptoGames, whose major titles include CryptoSpells and NFT Wars. In its Web3 business, has officially selected Oasys as its foundation due to its fast transaction and zero gas fees for users. 

RE:BLOOM is the blockchain-based spinoff of’s original mobile and browser, turn-based RPG – Kanpani Girls – which launched in 2015. One of the reasons behind this decision is that plans to create its own ‘Verse’, with Oasys being a logical choice due to its game-centric, scalable protocol.

Oasys recently launched its full Mainnet on 12 December and also completed a USD20 million private token sale round in July which participated in. Meanwhile, RE:BLOOM is slated to launch sometime in Q2 2023.

“We are passionate about leading the mass adoption of blockchain games by creating an ecosystem for players and developers alike to transition from Web2 to Web3, where they can play and create next-generation games. We are thrilled to be able to continue working together with to accelerate their involvement in the Web3 economy, and in doing so, becoming a better hub for all blockchain games.”

Daiki Moriyama – Director, Oasys.

In its design, Kanpani Girls RE: BLOOM will honour the dedicated player base of its predecessor by providing enhanced content that enables players to fully enjoy the “exchange of value” concepts found in Web3 gaming by incorporating elements of blockchain technology that can better facilitate gameplay experiences. A major feature of the new game will be that each character acquired will be prescribed unique attributes and corresponding values.

The game will be multiplayer-enabled at launch and allow for strategising and communications between players, with no change to the ethos of the original game. Kanpani Girls RE: BLOOM is available in English and Japanese, allowing it to be played globally.

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