PUBG secures a new partnership with Web3-based Banger Games

Player Unknown BattleGrounds (PUBG) has announced a new and unique partnership with the web3 platform – Banger Games. As part of the new partnership, Banger Games will work with PUBG to integrate Non-Fungible Tokens into the critically acclaimed battle royale title.

In leveraging Banger’s tech, PUBG can harness blockchain technology to give players a whole new level of ownership over their assets. What’s more, the partnership enables players to access Web3 where it would ordinarily be quite difficult easily.

Currently, PUBG’s NFT series alpha test is open, with further plans to launch them on a full scale across 2023. Those who register for the test will be among the few owners of a highly limited Banger NFT to commemorate their place as an alpha tester.

As part of the alpha, there are three specific modes for player to test out:

Mad Max – Mad Max pits players against each other in fierce combat for position on the leaderboard, with greater rewards for successful headshots an precise shooting.

Kill Frenzy – Forgo conventional weapons for creative kills by vehicles. This adds a unique take on gameplay, forcing players to really focus on skill and strategy.

Ghost Killer – In Ghost Killer, stealth is the key as players are pressed to use guile and stealth to kill their opponents. Sniping is a highly coveted skill, so the greater the distance, the more points players can earn.

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