Doodlers announces Doodles 2 – prices spike on OpenSea

Doodles have announced its latest series of NFTs called Doodles 2, which has already gather pace on the NFT market – OpenSea.

This is according to the NFT marketplace has found via data on its secondary marketplace. According to them, the Dooplicator collection, its underlying floor price has risen exponentially, rising from $1,000 (.66 ETH) to 12,900 ETH ($20k).

Doodles 2, announced last week, is the latest incarnation of its popular profile picture collection. Created in collaboration with Flow blockchain, token holders buy one of these. Dooplicator NFTs will be able to mint unique wearable assets for their avatars.

With the rollout of this new NFT series, its collection will be available on Flow’s NFT marketplace, Gaia. At the moment, the floor price of these assets starts at $19, but with its popularity, its secondary market will likely surge.

Alongside this new collection, the team has also been making a strong push towards global popularity, reaching users outside its conventional place in web3. To accomplish this, Doodles also announced a partnership with Golden Wolf, the popular animation studio, bringing NFTs to a whole new medium of content.

Since it landed in October 2021, the collection has grown in value on the secondary marketplace already, having shot up to a trading volume of nearly 157,000 ETH, or a quarter of a million dollars.

In case you’re curious about the collection you can check it out by visiting the website.

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