Sticks and Shelter to raise funds using NFTs

Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton hacve announced a new fundraising approach to its new and upcoming documentary – ‘Sticks and Shelter’. Following the life of Micky Donnovan – a formerly professional drummer and recovering drug addict. As a documentary/movie, it serves as as stabbing analysis of the ongoing economic dilemna in 21st century Britain.

To make its movie a reality, Stick Films aims to raise $50,000 by kicking off a new campaign on the Web3 media platform Paus. As part of the campaign, its fundraising will consist of 4 tiers of NFTs, each one with its own set of special rewards and revenue shares.

“Stoke-on-Trent usually gets media attention for all the wrong reasons and although Monkey Dust (a terrible synthetic drug) has a tight grip on the city… That bleak depiction doesn’t tell the full story,” says Rachel Shenton. “Although Sticks & Shelter demonstrates that addiction and loneliness don’t discriminate, it’s also a hopeful story of friendship, love, and music.”

Overton also adds his own take on the movie itself, and the plight of the main character: “One of the biggest driving forces of Sticks & Shelter is seeing Micky’s lost passion for music and drums reignite in rare moments. My hope is that with the encouragement of Lou Macari and the deadline of a concert, Mickey might have another shot.”

Having kicked off on January 30th, it will run for a short time. For more information about the project, be sure to visit the campaign page here.

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