WeTransfer announces partnership with Minima to host NFTs

WeTransfer – the popular digital service for file sharing, has announced a new partnership with the blockchain platform Minima. As part of this partnership, WeTransfer aims to leverage Minima in order to start hosting NFTs, and enable users to create their own unique digital assets.

Minima makes for a strong partner, having its own pedigree as both a layer-1 blockchain solution and a mobile-optimised network. Harnessing $Minima as its dedicated currency, the blockchain easily supports peer-to-peer transactions while boasting a lean and scalable solution.

At present, its platform is undergoing testnet, intending to go live in March across the world. According to the company’s press release, supporting WeTransfer will enable users to use the blockchain to share digital assets while collecting revenue.

This partnership is not the only one of its kind, of course. There have been a myriad of different file-sharing solutions that has its eyes set on support from the world of Web3.

Last year, Google introduced. its own blockchain node service on top of Ethereum. Harnessing its own cloud-based solutions, it was later joined by Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Amazon’s cloud solution – which posted several web3-based positions.

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