My Neighbour Alice pivots away from P2E with a focus on story-driven gaming

Built up as a multiplayer building game on blockchain, My Neighbour Alice is taking a new step forward with its gaming experience. While launched back in early 2021, Season 2 of the game aims to move players away from conventional, competitive Play-to-Earn gaming, to a more immersive, story-driven experience.

Within this next season, players can team up with others to build four unique buildings across four separate Town Hub’s through its community quest line – which has been running since December 16th.

Built on top of the Chromia blockchain network, My Neighbour Alice is billed as a fully decentralised platform, while also offering players an alternative to P2E, to a more casual experience, which can come as a breath of fresh air for some. Being a social-building game, the game moves the focus from competition to collaboration, encouraging in-game interaction and teamwork.

Bristling with storylines, experiences and quests, MNA’s world is set up on the Lummelunda Archipelago, a fantasy realm that provides players with plenty of ways to build, explore and develop, along with discovering a range of in-game assets from homes, to produce and animals.

What’s more, My Neighbour Alice also underwent an update which includes a range of new features to provide players with greater personalisation for their avatars. Those interested can check out and customise their avatar via Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

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