Empires Not Vampires raises $1 million for its new blockchain title – Paradise Tycoon

Empires Not Vampires, the Finland-based game development studio, has managed to raise $1 million for its new game – Paradise Tycoon. Set up as a social building and crafting multiplayer game, the game leverages blockchain technology for its range of in-game assets (NFTs), in addition to its broader in-game economics.

Along with powering its economy, the game includes assets full visual presence, and creative commons licensing to ensure complete digital ownership beyond the game. The seed round managed to draw investment from a myriad of angel investors, including Shima Capital, Zee Prime Capital and more.

Empires Not Vampires was originally formed in 2017, and has since launched successful titles like Garage Empire. It’s one of a small number of game developers, particularly indie ones, that are transitioning towards using blockchain technology. Tycoon Builder is the flagship title when it comes to gaming on blockchain.

Currently, Paradise Tycoon is within its Alpha stage and is readily available on browser and android devices, with plans for a global launch by the end of the year. Empires Not Vampires is also launching a campaign, featuring a giveaway of free NFTs to their community and alpha members.

Co-Founder Timo Juuti revealed“We never felt comfortable with the idea of pricing digital collectibles (NFTs) at hundreds or even thousands of dollars. As a (formerly) traditional games studio, it’s easier to position ourselves in blockchain space now that huge hype is gone.”

He continued, “Blockchain technology offers us massive freedom in game design. We are putting in-game assets into blockchain as NFTs with a Creative Commons license for developers to use in their games, so they are available for anyone and not controlled by us; this is real digital ownership. This creates some exciting future scenarios and new ways to build IPs. It remains uncertain how blockchain games will evolve, but what is certain is that we have only scratched the surface of their potential.“

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