Decent and Dragonfly combine for ALAX, the mobile game store for emerging countries

Cheaper, faster

Swiss blockchain platform Decent has joined up with Chinese mobile app store Dragonfly to announce the development of ALAX.

It’s a blockchain-based  app store for the distribution of Android mobile games, especially focused on developing countries.

ALAX will launch first in India, Thailand and the Philippines, with a full commercial service planned for Q1 2019

Based on Decent’s DCore technology, the promise of ALAX is to speed payment processing times and reduce transaction costs, as well as dealing with piracy. It’s hoped this will make ALAX easier to use for consumers and help developers in terms of improving cashflow and growing overall revenues.

“Since partnering with Dragonfly, we have been committed to providing a framework where users have a method of payment that is as easy as an SMS payment, but where collection would be instant, and with no commission,” said Decent’s CEO Matej Michalko.

“We are proud to have made this possible with the launch of ALAX.

Rolling start

The platform will have its own token currency, also called ALAX.

One billion ALAX will be created, of which 30 percent will be made available during its token generation event, running 17 to 21 April.

Currently in development, it’s expected the ALAX testnet will launch during July, with the mainnet and beta version of the store going live in September.

Because of Dragonfly’s business operations, India, Thailand and the Philippines will be the first territories supported, with a formal launch planned for Q1 2019.

Dragonfly’s current D-Mobi app store comes pre-installed on smart devices from the likes of Vivo, Oppo, Huawei and True and is used by over 100 million users on a monthly basis.

You can keep up-to-date with ALAX’s development via its website.

Source Decent

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