Undeads Blockchain Game Presale Is Live

The blockchain post-apocalyptic metaverse game intends to offer players a fun gaming experience while also promoting true ownership

Undeads, a new multiplayer MMORPG game, has launched on the blockchain. It offers players a unique post-apocalyptic metaverse to explore, survive and earn cryptocurrency while having fun.

The game is designed with various income-producing mechanics to enable players to earn crypto while playing and interacting with other players. Undead also announced that its $USD presale is live and has successfully raised $375k. The launch is on March 5, 2023, where the price of 1 $UDS will be equivalent to 0.06 USDT.

The game is a isometric survival game, set in a post-apocalyptic world with a core emphasis on a resource-oriented conflict between zombies and humans. The game features action combat where players must explore new territories, defend settlements, gather resources, and craft new gear. In addition to those features, players will also be able to develop their NFT character.

Presale is live now

Apocalyptic metaverse

With a divided metaverse between humans and zombies, players must choose their path and who to fight for. Undeads’ mission is to build an ecosystem of active gamers and deliver the best possible gaming experience created around a community and player-driven economy. The game’s income-building mechanics and activities will fuel the player’s economy.

The Undeads team is looking toward establishing new standards of enjoyment for play-to-earn gaming while offering multiple ways to earn for players. The gameplay aims to be captivating and exciting, just like traditional gaming. The Blockchain Game Alliance gathered results on blockchain gaming in 2022, with developers noting that gameplay improvements would be the industry’s highest priority. Creating blockchain games that are fun to play will help with the broader adoption of blockchain gaming.

With these new developments, Undeads VR Hub is emerging as part of the Undeads Metaverse, granting players a space to hang out and meet new players while also gaining rewards. The team is creating a blockchain space that brings its players independence and true ownership and is actively developing its social in-game VR Hub.

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