Portal Fantasy to launch closed beta on Avalanche on March 28th

Portal Fantasy, one of the latest titles in the blockchain gaming world, has announced its next steps this month with its closed beta. As a free-to-play adventure RPG, the game has garnered an impressive audience, with its beta poised to secure more – and is currently slated to start on March 28th.

In-game, players will have the power to take on one of two special roles:

Hero – where players befriend and create portals to venture into new and exciting worlds

Architects – who create, design and share their world for others to explore.

Leveraging the Avalanche blockchain, Portal Fantasy will provide its players with a highly secure, scalable and quick-performing blockchain protocol. Along with its closed beta, the company has a number of exciting roadmaps in store for its community.

According to the company, its roadmap comprises of 5 phases:

Phase 1

Throughout this phase, Portal Fantasy underwent a range of tasks – from fundraising, game development and broader launching of its website and the start of playtesting.

Phase 2

In this phase, the company will be kicking off its community beta pass challenges to test-drive its game via the closed beta. In addition, the team has announced the development of a dedicated real-time analytics platform to provide key insights into interactions between players and its platform.

Along with its closed beta, Portal Fantasy will also be airdropping beta passes on March 24th on Avalanche.

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