Havas Play strategically partners with The Sandbox

The Sandbox has announced a new partnership with Havas Play, Vivendi’s new global comms brand.

The two companies will work together to develop new gaming experiences while overseeing the creation of new, collaborative entertainment experiences.

Havas had previously announced it was building its own Havas Village in The Sandbox.

In particular, the partnership will help empower the already strong client brands and communities active within Havas, while expanding its offerings in highly-immersive, interactive experiences.

To make these experiences more impactful, the partnership also includes a comprehensive training program to upskill thousands of creatives in the Havas Play community, equipping them with the skills they need to build bespoke experiences within The Sandbox. This training program’s sessions dedicated to using tools such as GameMaker and VoxEdit will help make these experiences a reality.

This collaborative metaverse-based training program will be broken into three tracks for executives, creative practitioners and media professionals.

“Havas Play is in a unique position to help major brands be relevant in the new entertainment culture at the crossroads of gaming, the creator economy, and true digital ownership,” said Mathieu Cervety, ecosystem partnerships director of The Sandbox.

“This partnership is a great chance for brands to build their Web3 community and bring engagement like never before.”

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