Tactics TCG Shardbound reboots with Immutable

US startup Bazooka Tango has announced a deal with Immutable Games to reboot F2P card-based turn-based tactics PC game Shardbound.

Bazooka Tango was co-founded by Bo Daly and Stephen Sherman, who previous co-founded game developer Super Evil Megacorp, which is responsible for games such as mobile MOBA Vainglory.

Shardbound started life in 2015 from indie studio Spiritwalk Games and was released on Steam as an early access version but was never fully completed.

Bazooka Tango now aims to rectify this working with Immutable Games to add web3 elements, notably enabling players to unlock the benefits of digital ownership by levelling up and converting their web2 digital assets into web3 NFTs. It also plans to release a mobile version in 2024.

The game will also be one of the first to use the newly-announced Immutable zkEVM tech, as well as Immutable Passport, the new onboarding system.

“We saw in Shardbound an incredible game that harkened back to some of the tactics games and CCGs we love personally,” commented Bazooka Tango CEO Bo Daly.

“Upon seeing the passion of the Shardbound community, we knew this was a game that we wanted to help get to the finish line. Community has always been at the heart of what we do and we can’t wait to deliver the Shardbound experience players truly deserve.

“We have always been game industry disruptors and fundamentally make our decisions about new technologies based on whether or not they will benefit the player. We truly believe that web3 offers the next leap in an enhanced player experience that hasn’t been fully realized yet, and it’s our mission to get it right.”

Interested players can pre-register for Shardbound now, via its website to secure a playable card and gain early access to the new build.

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