Arc8 preps for its biggest update to-date

Arc8, the mobile arcade of mini-games from GAMEE, has published an update of its planned activity for the rest of 2023. Arc8 is set to receive the biggest upgrade yet, including an NFT collection, greater GMEE token utility, new app features and changes to the gameplay.

During Q2, Arc8 will get a live multiplayer feature, which will launch in turn-based game Energy Wars. There will also be a new game system, enabling players to participate in 1v1 battles tied to competitive leagues.

For the second half of 2023, Arc8 will gain a web3 competitive mode, for which an on-chain league with NFT pass and token rewards will be launched. Players could then mint their own NFTs and game rewards.

Finally, Arc8 will move toward decentralization, enabling outside communities and partners to host competitions. More details of the roadmap will be revealed in time for the upgrades.

Another key goal for 2023 is to boost the utility of the GMEE token, making it primarily an access token. This means it can be used for:

  • Buying and trading League Pass NFTs
  • Buying in-game items within the GAMEE ecosystem
  • Voting on the game’s roadmap and platform features
  • Breeding, evolving, and upgrading G-Bots NFTs

In addition to this, web3 projects and communities will be able to use the GMEE token for sponsorships and game experiences. A GMEE token buy-back is also planned. Further details will be shared in the Q2 token holder update.

Finally, it was revealed that there currently are 53,800 wallets holding GMEE tokens, mainly in Polygon, while the app has increased the average playtime of its users from 4.5 hours to 6.4 hours per day, with over 17 games played per user per day.

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