Axie Champions match-3 game launching beta in July

Bali Games, the South Korean developer which previously worked on popular mobile puzzle game Anipang, is set to launch the beta version of Axie Champions, a match-3 puzzle game on the Ronin blockchain. The upcoming game is a combination of match-3, PvP and puzzle genres.

Set in the Axie universe, the casual web3 game is still in alpha but will launch its beta version in July 2023.

The beta will allow the developers to gain feedback from the players. For Axie holders and early players, this will also be an opportunity to get an early look into the game and earn some early rewards.

The game takes place in the same universe as Axie Infinity, and similar to Axie Infinity, players will have to form teams of three champions to engage in match-3 PvP battles.

With Axie Champions, Bali Games is one of the earliest developers to make a game on the Ronin blockchain.

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