Wemade boasts 100 games signed up for Wemix platform

South Korea game publisher Wemade has announced it’s now signed up 100 games for its blockchain platform Wemix.

Contracts have been signed with game companies worldwide including those from South Korea, North America, Taiwan, the Middle East and Hong Kong. Specific titles include

  • collectible RPG Calypse Chronicle by Danbi Entertainment,
  • FPS game BlackPoint BR by ExaV Studios, and
  • metaverse NFT game Melting Earth by MetaDream. 

Currently, Wemix Play, which has recently been upgraded to v3 with new UX and UI, has 26 live blockchain games aross various genres, including MMORPG, SLG, and SNG. Additional plans have been announced for an app launcher, Wemix Player, to provide a better service for global users.

The company also had a successful visit at GDC in March 2023, agreeing onboarding partnerships with three North American game companies, Liithos, Inc., Hit Factor, Inc., and PM Champions. 

To cap it off, Wemade announced 2023 will see the launch of idle RPG Barbarian Merge by NT Games, Wemix Play’s first fishing game World Fishing Championship by Wemade Plus and collectible RPG SoulSeeker Knights by RotiX on the platform.

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