Animoca Brands partners with Hooked for enhanced web3 edutainment

Animoca Brands has announced a new partnership with gamified edutainment network Hooked Protocol, with the hope of bringing innovation into web3 edutainment and accelerating web3 adoption.

In more detail, the two entities will combine Hooked’s AI-generated content technology and Animoca’s popular IPs to create new educational content and experiences.

Notably, Hooked has three live products

  • Wild Cash, a quiz-to-learn web3 bootcamp product for elementary learners with over 3 million monthly MAUs;
  • ToDaMoon, a livestreaming learn-to-earn product for preparatory learners with 1 million users, and
  • Hooked Academy Sensei, an exploratory learning product powered by AI with over 100,000 registered learners. 

“Partnering with Hooked Protocol represents an exciting opportunity to create new value and advance our ecosystem development, leveraging AI and web3 infrastructure to enhance digital content and education experiences for our users,” commented Animoca co-founder and chairman Yat Siu.

“Collaborating with Animoca Brands presents an exciting opportunity for Hooked to further strengthen our position as a leading web3 gamified social learning platform and immersive edutainment network,” said Jason Y, the founder and CEO of Hooked.

Recently, Animoca Brands also announced its participation in the web3 Global Educators Fund, which is a $10 million fund set up by Open Campus.

The platform has collaborated with TinyTap, Liberty City Ventures, and others to create an inclusive, modern, and global educational space.

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