Star Atlas partners with MetaGravity for 5,000-player stress test

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As part of Solana’s PlayGG event in San Diego, Star Atlas developer ATMTA has demonstrated the first fruits of its partnership with real-time engine outfit MetaGravity.

The demo allowed up to 5,000 players (and bots) to interact in a single, persistent, single non-instanced environment within Unreal Engine 5. Over time, the companies hope to raise this limit to over 30,000 players and to do so in a cost effective manner.

The technology will be integrated into the public runtime of the game available through the Epic Games Store in a future release.

“In a vast, prosperous ecosystem that rivals a real-world economy, a single persistent reality for all players is the only acceptable option and our partnership with the MetaGravity team is essential in making this vision a reality. We are thrilled to be partnering with them to change the digital world for the better,” commented ATMTA CEO Michael Wagner.

“At MetaGravity, we pride ourselves on our pragmatic approach to the challenges faced by the gaming industry. We are united with Star Atlas in the vision to create the next generation of standards that will level up gameplay and the experience of digital worlds for players,” added CEO Rashid Mansoor.

“Our industry-beating cost-efficient infrastructure solution can support tens of thousands of players in a single simulation and integrates seamlessly with Unreal UE5, enabling Star Atlas game developers a robust, high-performance deployment onto our infrastructure effortlessly.”

Find out more about Star Atlas via its website.

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